About Joshua Writer

gravatar_smallWorking professionally online since 2000, Joshua has gained an immense amount of knowledge about Internet Marketing that he brings to any online venture he is a part of.

Joshua’s passion for the Internet can be seen by his wide range of successful websites that he has built. This includes his first company called RocketWings (launched in 2001) which was one of the first online companies to sell customized pre-built foam airplanes. Another successful website created out of  Joshua’s hobbys was ReptileForums.com which turned into the second largest Reptile & Amphibian Message Board on the Internet at the time.

Soon after these successful websites were developed Joshua decided to dive head first into the Search Engine Optimization field and at his peak, developed over 800 unique domains highly optimized for their particular niches generating collective traffic in excess of 100,000+ visitors per day which turned into a lucrative partnership with Google.

Around this time Joshua began his teaching career of sharing his Internet Marketing knowledge with others which led to one of his first public speaking engagements hosted by Yanik Silver at the Underground Seminar 2 in 2006.

Shortly after this Joshua launched the website MyMarketingTV.com which became the first home-based business educational site to offer free webisodes (personally developed green-screen commentary videos hosted by Joshua) and web-based content targeting web viewers that were interested in learning how to start a successful online home-based business.

This free service was soon phased out and later replaced with MyMarketingAcademy.com in 2008 which became one of the largest content filled private membership sites that teaches online business and product development and website marketing techniques. With hundreds of hours of available content and thousands of available downloads, MyMarketingAcademy is still one of the largest resources personally developed to to teach proper online company building principles.

Besides numerous other projects Joshua was involved with at this time Joshua still managed to keep producing great results and successful online websites like InspirationManifestation which led to GodFruits.com in 2011 which immediately became (and still is) one of the net’s top visited Christian based blogs on the net. GodFruits became so popular that it peaked the attention of former presidential primarie candidate, Mike Huckabee, who would later sign on to be the spokesperson for the site even providing unique video commentary for the website’s 200,000+ loyal subscribers.

Shortly after this success, Joshua began working on his latest masterpiece called ValueAddon.com ValueAddon is Joshua’s latest brainchild that offers a unique service for content marketers. While there are many aspects of ValueAddon, it specializes in being the net’s 1st platform to offer a web-based content licensing and delivery platform. Find out more about ValueAddon by visiting www.ValueAddon.com

When Joshua is away from the office you can usually find him Hang Gliding in Southern California or Snowboarding in Vail in his home-state of Colorado. Joshua has a passion for adventure and usually finds himself slipping away from the office to try something that will get his adrenaline pumping.

Joshua has a passion to share his knowledge with others, help others succeed, and network with like-minded entrepreneurs who are dedicated to providing this world with a great deal of value. If you would like to contact Joshua, please visit his contact page today.

Personal Quotes:

“Value is the bridge that brings business and money together. If you focus on providing immense value first, the money and success will soon follow.”

“Working hard without passion is just hard work.”

“If your not financially where you want to be in life, you need to increase your value output.”

“I believe that the world needs more role-models, especially for our youth and under privileged kids. One of my greatest blessings in life is that I’ve always had a great deal of personal mentors that have shaped my life. There is no greater reward in life than living a life that others can model to increase their own well-being and happiness.

“I operate with a fundamental belief that there is a solution to every single problem. It might not be the solution I originally wanted, but it will be the solution that is needed. Don’t let problems slow you down, instead work faster and get excited because that means a solution is right around the corner.”